Stephen Manley

Stephen is a preacher, teacher, and author. After spending more than forty years in full-time itinerate evangelism, Stephen is now the founding pastor of Cross Style Church and has launched the Cross Style School of Practical Ministry in Lebanon, Tennessee. He still travels on a limited basis preaching at camps, churches, retreats, and revivals around the country.

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Jeremiah Bolich

Jeremiah travels full time on the road in evangelism with his wife Karenda and his two children, CJ and Ellayna.  Jeremiah speaks at any venue, from retreats and conferences to revivals and camps.  If you are interested in learning more about Jeremiah Bolich Ministries, visit his website where you can listen to sermons, view ministry products, sign up for a e-newsletter, and more.

Visit Jeremiah’s website at: JeremiahBolich.com


Chad Seabright

Chad started Enkindle Ministries with his sister Christy Austin with the purpose of fueling the fire God has placed inside, not only each of us, but also the Church of America. It grew out of a strong desire to minister to the body of Christ. God is calling the church to wake up and arise!  In the midst of this Great Awakening happening all over America, we believe the Lord wants to place “centers of fire” in the hearts of our churches for local communities to witness the very real and powerful presence of God. Their passion and heart is to bring healing and wholeness to the bride of Christ.

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Cory Clark

After traveling as an intern with Jeremiah Bolich in 2009, Cory has been preaching at retreats, camps, youth groups, and revivals. As Cory states: “To this day my life is intimately tied to the saturation of the Scriptures on a 24/7 basis. As I apply myself wholly to the exposition of the word, the word applies itself wholly to me. I hope to find what I inspect, instead of what I expect. Through the Word, Jesus speaks in my context of life.”

Visit Cory’s website at: www.CoryJessMinistries.com


Billy Huddleston

Billy has a passion to lead people into a powerful encounter with the living Christ. It is his desire to see lives and lifestyles changed as a result of those encounters. It is Billy’s belief that all lives, young and old alike, are valuable to Jesus Christ and that each one has a vital role to play in the fulfillment and building of His Kingdom. At the heart of Billy’s message is the Cross.  He has found that Jesus’ style is the Cross Style.  To be a follower of Christ is to participate in His Cross and allow Him to be revealed.  As an international evangelist, Billy is committed to this message and call. Billy is open to all ministry opportunities.

Visit Billy’s website at: www.billyhuddleston.com


Brian Arner

Music is a powerful medium that reaches people of all ages; and only music which conveys Christ can change lives for eternity. Song Evangelist Brian Arner has a desire for God use him to carry His message through testimony and song. His calling is to use anointed music as a tool of evangelism. This call brings with it the responsibility to sing music with the message that comes from the heart of hearts, an utmost desire to allow Christ to live through Brian. Considered by many to be one of the best musicians around, Brian Arner is an anointed singer, proclaiming Jesus through life and song.

Visit Brian’s website at: www.BrianArnerMinistries.com


Christy Austin

“Though I grew up in the Church learning all the ‘right answers,’ I never comprehended Christianity to be a relationship with Jesus.”  At a Cross Styles Training Camp in 2001, Jesus began setting her free from much guilt and shame.  As a writer, counselor, and evangelist, her greatest passion is to share these liberating truths, in hopes that many will experience emotional healing and deliverance. Christy helped launch Enkindle Ministries, with her brother Chad, several years ago out of a strong desire to facilitate revival in the Church of America. Christy currently resides in Aiken SC with her husband, a Worship Evangelist, and their three boys.

Visit Christy’s website at: EnkindleMinistries.com


Nathan Johnson

Nathan has transitioned to Colorado but still works behind the scenes designing and producing resources for the training in the Cross Style message.  He hangs out online at deeperChristian.com where he writes and pushes the deeper Christian life – where you can read his studies, quips, book reviews and other musings. Nathan travels several times a year, preaching and teaching at camps, schools, retreats, conferences, and revivals.

Visit Nathan’s website at: www.deeperChristian.com